Subject Lines: Standing Out in a Sea of Emails

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Ah, subject lines - the unsung heroes of email marketing. They're like the bouncer at a hot new club, deciding who gets to party and who's left out in the cold. And just like that bouncer, they're often misunderstood and underappreciated. If you're like me, you get thousands of emails a day, roughly 80% of which end up in the trash bin without getting read. Why? Because we're busy. Because we're bombarded with content. Because we don't see the value. We make all of those judgements based on the SUBJECT LINE alone. Just as you do, your customers make the decision on whether or not to open your email by its subject line. So what are you doing to attract their attention? What are you doing to stand out in their sea of emails?

Imagine you're standing in a crowd of people all shouting for attention. You've got one chance to make your voice heard above the cacophony. That's is your subject line. It's the neon sign that says "Hey! Over here! Open me!" in a sea of emails screaming the same thing.

Now that we've established their importance let's dive into some best practices for writing killer subject lines:

1. Keep it Short and Sweet:

You know that friend who tells long-winded stories with no point? Don't be that friend. Your subject line needs to get to the point, and fast. According to the big brains over at Campaign Monitor, keeping your subject line under 50 characters ensures it won't get cut off and leaves enough room for the punchline.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency:

Ever been to a store closing sale? The ticking clock can make us do crazy things - like open emails. Adding a sense of urgency to your subject line can increase open rates. But remember, nobody likes a wolf crier. Use this power wisely, or risk losing credibility.

3. Make Promises (and Keep Them):

Promising something valuable inside your email can work wonders for your open rates. But like a disappointing blind date, if you don't live up to the hype, you'll lose trust fast.

4. Be Personal and Descriptive:

Picture this - you're at a party, and someone calls your name. You turn around, right? Personalized subject lines work the same way. They catch the eye and feel more relevant. And being descriptive helps too - think of it as giving your email a little black dress or a sharp tuxedo. It's all about presentation!

Whew! Who knew subject lines could be so complex? But guess what? You don't have to go it alone.

Your Creative Concierge is offering an unbeatable deal through July: for just $99, you'll get an e-newsletter complete with 5 custom subject lines for testing. Part of the experience of working with me includes un-ignorable subject lines for your newsletters.

The average email marketing open rate in 2023 is 21.33% across all industries and I am currently boasting a 62.45% open rate on my own email endeavors. Want that kind of success rate for your own marketing efforts? Then let's go! Book an appointment and lock in your $99 rate here.

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